Day 3 of epic: Superhero 5k

Skip this paragraph is periods gross you out. To avoid having to subject everyone to an Awkward Moment Monday period story (and also because I have an idea for an even better story), I’ll briefly...
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Day 2 of epic, part 2

Did I mention that I got to meet Manu Bennett and he let us touch his biceps? They are so ginormous that I couldn’t get both of my hands around. I first heard about Manu Bennett last September...

The most unflattering photo ever taken of me.

Friday of the convention, we got to meet Felicia Day! We were only 5 rows back, so we were able to get some pretty great photos. She told us about how she sings to her coffee every morning. “We...
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Day 2 of epicness

After sleeping in curlers, I was ready to become Effie Trinket. The hair actually turned out to be the easy part. It took me over an hour to do my hair and makeup. I never spend that much time on getting...
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Day 1 of epicness, part 2

There were a bunch of pictures I forgot to post! These are from Thursday, day 1 of Salt Lake Comic Con I was Tonks. Check out this awesome pink hair. Super excited to not attempt at parking at the convention! Yay...
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Day 1 of epicness

Gotta catch the Hogwarts express! And by that, I mean we took the green line in to downtown Salt Lake. The line to get in the door. Misty, Pikachu, and Ash from Pokemon Up! Baby! The Impala from Supernatural A...
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  Salt Lake Comic Con starts tomorrow and my Biffle is here! Squee! After picking her up from the airport, we went for lunch at Blue Lemon (cheap AND healthy, yay!) then headed over to the Salt Palace...
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Please tell me you’re not competing as a novice.

So, on Saturday, I had the pre-judging for the Salt Lake Comic Con cosplay¬†contest. I entered with this dress. It’s my Rapunzel cosplay, the first cosplay I have ever made for myself. Well…...

Floorwork Poses

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! While Monkey dug in the dirt with his toy backhoe, I had my brother take pictures of my based on a floorwork posing guise I found on Pinterest. Many of the poses are not pictured...

No Reason

When I was 17, I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee. I kind of hated the town. I ended up dating the captain of the wrestling team and he was able to help me see a better side of the town. He had also moved...
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