The Aftermath

Today’s Pinspiration Thursday is a little on the darker side and I’ll explain why. Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of when I was sexually assaulted. I continue to struggle with post-traumatic...
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Monkey was being really stubborn and wouldn’t go to sleep, so we took a family walk in the creek valley. Gah, I can’t get over how adorable he is! Also, he now knows how to say “adorable”...
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Lying doesn’t make you sound cool.

As a teenager, I was often too busy with extracurricular activities to keep up with what was going on in television shows. Between AP classes, crew (competitive rowing), and working part time at Walmart,...
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Alberta Fishing Weekend

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Awkward moment Monday!

  Dear Filipinos of the world, Please forgive me for this not quite accurate depiction of your flag. I haven’t done digital art in a while. When I was growing up, I always felt like it was...
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Discovery Children’s Museum

Monkey and I spent all Friday in downtown Salt Lake. Normally he loves the train, but it was a little too loud for him to handle this time. Monkey has autism spectrum sensory processing disorder. Basically,...
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Wild West Jordan Playground

I just had to take Monkey to the Wild West themed playground in West Jordan while I was here! It is located in the Veterans Memorial Park by the Veridian Library. They have lots of tunnels underneath...
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Fun in south Salt Lake County

Yesterday we went to the Sandy smelter museum. It was closed when we got there, but there were plenty of things to look at outside. This was an old mining cart used to bring metal ore down to the smelter. This...
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From mom jeans to lace trimmed jorts in 30 minutes!

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This week, I followed a link on how to turn pants into shorts and found a Buzzfeed article on 31 life hacks every girl should know. Turning pants into shorts was one of them....
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Silver Lake Hike

  No hiking with shoes on!       Last night for family night, we drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon and hiked around Silver Lake. It was a pretty easy hike. Monkey was able to walk...
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