Weekend in Review

Today after church, we took a family walk along Galt Canal. The path varies between paved, gravel, and dirt. Walking on the gravel was very pleasant. It was like getting a free reflexology massage! Yesterday...
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school 011

Why the “Giving a Free Pass to Predators” Argument makes me ragey

In case you missed it, Alberta’s schools implemented a trans friendly bathroom policy, know as the “bathroom bill.” It allows all students to use either a gender neutral bathroom and...
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Lego Store!

Monkey recently got his very first set of Legos! Edmonton’s Southgate Mall has a Lego store and it is the coolest! They have a whole wall of bulk bins of Legos! You pay by volume, not by weight. It’s...
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I am deeply saddened by the news of Alan Rickman‘s passing. I always wanted to meet him, but the closest I ever came was this epic Snape cosplayer at Leaky Con 2014. To celebrate his memory, I made...
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Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter

I found some photos from this fall when I was going through my phone. I am sick of winter already. I want the green grass back. Strategic face-blocking fence post is strategic. Ready for summer so...
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Hello from the other side

Just a reminder, that’s what I looked like before Hashimoto’s thyroiditis hijacked my body and made me unrecognizable. Below is a current photo. Still me. Carry on.
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Whyte Museum

Vancouver Road Trip

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What did we do freshman year?

Happy awkward moment Monday! Today’s post was inspired by something that I saw in my “memories” on Facebook today. It was a status update my friend that we will call Anna tagged me in....
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Tractors, oh tractors, you’re so much fun

Look over there! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Tractor! Monkey has been obsessed with tractors ever since my mom introduced him to Blippi, a YouTube manchild who sings about...
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Thanksgiving in the Park

Woohoo, it is fall now! After an evening of food and jollity with my family, Peter and I spent Thanksgiving Monday in the park with our Monkey boy. Playing in the leaves! Going down the slide! A fan...
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