Ta da! I am Rapunzel!

Wake up to make up: Rapunzel edition

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Getting in touch with my Danish roots

        My dad’s great-great grandfather came to Utah from Denmark in the 1850s. As far as I know, my great-aunt L is the only one in the family who has been back. She went to...
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Sending Texts to Myself

A few days before my 16th birthday, we moved from Florida to Tennessee. My mom assured me that I would make friends right away and that the boys would all be fighting over who got to date me. When my...

Bomber Museum

  We took a fieldtrip to the Bomber Museum in Nanton, Alberta!     Monkey love airplanes, so I thought he would really enjoy this museum. For the most part, I was right!   He did...
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He doesn’t date girls like you.

Our family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee from Jacksonville, Florida just a few days before my 16th birthday. In Florida, we hadn’t lived in a wealthy neighborhood by any means, but we weren’t...
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Mommy and Monkey museum date!

I thought I’d take Monkey to the museum in town since we’ve never been. It had all kinds of pictures of the history of our town. Super glad they don’t use this creepy machine anymore.     Our...
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Got cracks?

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! Today I tested a heel crack remedy that I found on Pinterest. My feet aren’t exactly in the best shape they could be in, especially after slicing them up a bit doing...

Places, in my experience, that are barefoot friendly

One of my friends posted a list of places she frequents and avoids based on how accepting of barefoot customers they are. I figured I would share mine as well. Places I never have issues going: Blue...
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“Where are you working now?”

Today we went to Heritage Day in Lethbridge! Peter’s work is a sponsor of the Southern Alberta Ethnic Society, who hosted the event, so we got to drive a sweet car from the dealership Peter works...
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The Aftermath

Today’s Pinspiration Thursday is a little on the darker side and I’ll explain why. Tomorrow is the 8 year anniversary of when I was sexually assaulted. I continue to struggle with post-traumatic...
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