Chinooks are my favourite.

The part of Canada I live in gets warm winds in the winter called chinooks. Basically, they blow in and warm everything up for about a week, which is basically the only thing I look forward to in the...
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Never hire a toddler to be your photographer

Some days, Monkey is a super great camera assistant. Other days, like today, he’s too busy watching Dinosaur Train to care about mommy’s foot blog. Front facing camera to the rescue! This...
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Mid-calf Deep Snow

So, I just did something that most people would consider crazy. I braved 10 inch snow drifts in my backyard. But the crazy part is that I did it barefoot. No cute snowy footprints this time. I left...
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Shopping Day

First stop, Cob’s Bakery for Danishes Then, to the bank. I’ve been banking here for 4 years and today was the first time anyone said anything about me being barefoot. They were ok with it,...
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Is winter over yet?

These feet miss warmth. This is my “I’m sick of winter” face. By the way, my feet can tolerate snow way better than my hands can. Here on my front walk, we have some lovely accumulated...
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Starting to feel better

I still have a sore throat and a cough, but I’m feeling well enough to run errands. First stop, the bank. Next stop, the gas station. Finally, the grocery store. Now I’m home and it’s...
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R&R Yoga

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It’s official, we all have the flu.

We finally got in to see a doctor. We caught the nasty flu that’s been going around. I’m mostly better, but Monkey and Peter are still pretty sick and have to take antivirals for a week. Monkey’s...
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Find ways to be happy

Here’s a picture of my foot. I’ve been told these pictures make people happy. Here’s another one for good measure. I’m having a hard time feeling hopeful about the future after...
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It’s too cold!

This post contains affiliate links. It’s -18 Celsius/-8 Fahrenheit today. Last night, our vehicle wouldn’t start, so we had to call AMA to come give us a boost. Now we have our block heater...
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