First time on a subway

We’re in Edmonton for the weekend and we wanted to do something with Monkey that we hadn’t done together before. Sticking my feet on the dashboard is not the thing I’m referring to,...
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Is bare really better?

At a party last night, I had a group of ladies ask me why I don’t wear shoes. After explaining my myriad health problems that going barefoot helps (at least in my experience), they discussed amongst...
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While Monkey’s at school…

It’s been a while since I posted, so I figured I should probably put up some new pictures today. The only problem is that my main photographer is currently at preschool, so I had to get creative...
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Tootsie Tuesday

I’m feeling kind of down today, so I’m introducing Tootsie Tuesday! A Tuesday post featuring my toes! Today is Tuesday, right? I’m so tired that I’m only about 75% sure. Yes,...
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Just my tootsies

I tried to emulate all the cute pedicure pictures on Pinterest. You can see how well that worked out. šŸ˜‚
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In search of real Mexican food

It’s hard to find Mexican food in Canada, mostly because there aren’t anywhere near as many Mexicans here as there are in the States. There is a new Mexican restaurant in a nearby town, so...
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How I deal with Monkey’s meltdowns

Monkey has sensory processing disorder, which means his brain is wired slightly differently than most people’s and he perceives sensory input (light, smell, touch, taste, sounds, etc) differently...
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You need to work on your poses

I think a lot of people forget that 85% of the pictures on this blog are taken by a three year old. One fan in particular has been complaining that my poses aren’t sexy enough and that I don’t...

It’s a housewife life

When I was 15, I had to do a mock interview with my future self. I saw myself as the nutritionist for the Canadian Olympic rowing team. That career was a bust along with my left knee, since the Canadian...
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Hi Marshall, I’m Chase!

On Saturday, we went to the grand opening of Mastermind Toys in Lethbridge because they had CHASE FROM PAW PATROL! And we have a preschooler, so do the math. We basically had to go. The line wrapped all...
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