Lego Store!

Monkey recently got his very first set of Legos! Edmonton’s Southgate Mall has a Lego store and it is the coolest! They have a whole wall of bulk bins of Legos! You pay by volume, not by weight. It’s...
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I am deeply saddened by the news of Alan Rickman‘s passing. I always wanted to meet him, but the closest I ever came was this epic Snape cosplayer at Leaky Con 2014. To celebrate his memory, I made...
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Little darling, it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter

I found some photos from this fall when I was going through my phone. I am sick of winter already. I want the green grass back. Strategic face-blocking fence post is strategic. Ready for summer so...
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Hello from the other side

Just a reminder, that’s what I looked like before Hashimoto’s thyroiditis hijacked my body and made me unrecognizable. Below is a current photo. Still me. Carry on.
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Whyte Museum

Vancouver Road Trip

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What did we do freshman year?

Happy awkward moment Monday! Today’s post was inspired by something that I saw in my “memories” on Facebook today. It was a status update my friend that we will call Anna tagged me in....
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Tractors, oh tractors, you’re so much fun

Look over there! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a… Tractor! Monkey has been obsessed with tractors ever since my mom introduced him to Blippi, a YouTube manchild who sings about...
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Thanksgiving in the Park

Woohoo, it is fall now! After an evening of food and jollity with my family, Peter and I spent Thanksgiving Monday in the park with our Monkey boy. Playing in the leaves! Going down the slide! A fan...
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Day 3 of epic: Part 2

After our 5k, we went back to my aunt’s house, showered, and dressed up like Rapunzel and Belle! On our way in, we saw another pair of Rapunzel and Belle! Their friend Aurora took this picture. Pre-panel...
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Our three departed apostles

This summer, our church lost three great leaders, President Boyd K Packer, Elder L Tom Perry, and Elder Richard G Scott. This past weekend at the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter...
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