Who needs Fisher Price when you have cardboard boxes?

  Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This week’s post comes from SheKnows‘ instructions for a collapsible cardboard playhouse. Monkey doesn’t care much for playhouses, but he absolutely...
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When all else fails, use duct tape.

  Happy awkward moment Monday! Our awkward moment for the day is how Monkey’s new obsession with his genitalia has led to an increase in laundry. In other words, now that he has discovered...
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We’re from the country and we like it that way!

One of our neighbors is helping Peter build a training dummy for his martial arts class. Monkey loves hitting things with sticks. Peter is going to plant this in our yard and paint some lines on it...
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Enjoying some nice spring weather!

Check that out! We have our first sprouts! If you cannot see them well, they are chives. Back in December, our dentist gave us a live pine tree. The roots have started growing out of the bottom of...
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You have to wear shoes in Payless

  My in-laws have been visiting this weekend. They brought Monkey a new Sunday suit, but he has grown out of his dress shoes, so we decided to buy him some new ones. (Disclaimer: I am not in favor...
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It has been a very Pinspiring day!

    I did a hardcore leg workout that left me super sore! Using an awesome recipe I found on Pinterest, I made corned beef and cabbage stew. Hooray for slow cookers!   What do you mean...
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Monkey loooves cupcakes!

Peter brought home cupcakes last night! Monkey has only had cupcakes twice before, but he really loves them! Trying to keep daddy from leaving for work by bribing him with cupcake Happy boy! He can...
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My book is in print!!!

  The novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo is now in print and available on Amazon.com!

Monkey’s First Timbit

Gosh this kid is gorgeous! We don’t normally go out for breakfast, but since my car is being serviced today we had to drop Peter off at work. There’s a Tim Horton’s just a few blocks...
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2015-02-10 10.26.30

Yucky weather

I was planning on taking a walk to the post office to check the mail, but when I stepped outside it looked like this. It has been yucky, cold, wet, grey weather for the past few days and I don’t...