Monkey loooves cupcakes!

Peter brought home cupcakes last night! Monkey has only had cupcakes twice before, but he really loves them! Trying to keep daddy from leaving for work by bribing him with cupcake Happy boy! He can...
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My book is in print!!!

  The novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo is now in print and available on Amazon.com!
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Monkey’s First Timbit

Gosh this kid is gorgeous! We don’t normally go out for breakfast, but since my car is being serviced today we had to drop Peter off at work. There’s a Tim Horton’s just a few blocks...
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2015-02-10 10.26.30

Yucky weather

I was planning on taking a walk to the post office to check the mail, but when I stepped outside it looked like this. It has been yucky, cold, wet, grey weather for the past few days and I don’t...
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2015-02-09 12.06.41

Did you know your power line is dangling?

Yay, the internet guy finally came and restored my internet! It’s been down since Friday, which totally sucked and made for an interesting phone call to my grandma to ask if I could borrow her internet...
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Hi, I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!

                Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This week, I was looking on Pinterest for ideas for Monkey’s birthday party. I came across a Frozen theme with...
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2015-02-03 17.02.45

Raising a Reader

  Monkey just sat down and “read” a Mercer Mayer book to entertain himself while I was cleaning the house. These are the parenting moments I live for. We read to him every day. I’m...
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Fat to fit

          So, that’s what I saw when I stepped on the scale this morning. Yikes. Not ideal. I need to make a change, so I’ll be tweeting my workouts with the hashtag...
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I just posted a video on my Facebook page of this exact thing. Peter was kind enough to take pictures for my blog too! He’s awesome. I hope you all appreciate his photography. Without it, this blog...

What started as awkward moment Monday turned into a discussion on racism.

  Once upon a time on a university campus far, far away, I decided it would be a fun time to volunteer as an orientation guide for the incoming freshman. It seemed like a sweet deal to me. I didn’t...
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