Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting

I had my first of 10 mixed martial arts classes today. I totally underestimated the amount of energy it takes to perform these sweet moves. Also, they only let people who are actually in the class on...

My luggage and laptop are finally back!

Sorry about the lack of updates. Really, it’s not my fault. For this, I blame United Airlines. You see, I have a particular type of bad luck. It’s the type where the more stressed out you are,...

Dang, you’s a sexy beach

I had another photoshoot! Melissa is super talented 😀 We went to the ocean this time. Jumping around in the waves! Awesome! Pretty sand. Wow, my legs are freaking paler than the bottom of...

Biffle’s first barefoot

My biffle agreed to go on a barefoot walk with me today so long as her face didn’t end up on my blog. By the way, biffle means Best Friend For Life or BFFL turned into a word as biffle. Here’s...
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Barefoot in the Nation’s Oldest City

My best friend Melissa and I spent some time in St Augustine, Florida today. St Augustine is the oldest city in the United States and is thus a huge tourist destination. Hence, lots of shopping opportunities....
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New camera!

My amazing husband bought me a new camera for my vacation! It wasn’t anything fancy or expensive, but it’s a major upgrade from my last one, which is a few years old now. Here’s some...
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Hey Girl, Hay

We went to visit our friends and they showed us their hay barn. Yay, hay! This is the new catwalk. Hay is actually sort of difficult to climb. Bare feet enjoying soft hay.
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Goodbye farm!

This house is empty and cleaner than it has ever been. Time to say goodbye! Goodbye house! Goodbye Mrs Tuxedo Pants! Such a beautiful and cuddly kitty. Goodbye field where I like to spin...
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Moving Day, Part 4

I spackled all the nail holes and now I have to sand them. Getting creative about how to reach the spots. Almost done! This is one of the last boxes I carried out of our house. And now we...
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Burn, Baby Burn

Out at the farm, we don’t have a garbage pickup program, so we have to either haul it to town ourselves or burn it. I choose pyromania. This is our burn barrel. Real classy, eh? It’s...
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