Sales school in Calgary

Now that Monkey is in school 4 mornings a week and he’s doing a lot better with his therapy, I’m able to go back to being an insurance advisor. I’m super excited to serve the people of Alberta’s accident and sickness insurance needs! The only part I was wary about was the 9 days of training in Calgary. I had never been away from Monkey for that long before, so I was pretty nervous about how he would be for his grandparents, but he did great.


Ok, so there was one other thing I was nervous about – the company dress code. Everyone is expected to wear dress shoes, but once I explained that I go barefoot for health reasons to my district leader and sales trainer, I got the green light to be barefoot.


Calgary has a much more diverse ethnic makeup than the town of 3000 people that I live in. It was nice to have some different food while I was there. I tried kimchi for the first time and it was actually delicious! And I went to a shawarma place that had the rotating meal racks where they shave off bits of meat for each order. I’m pretty sure I gained 15 pounds while I was there.


I had the weekend off, but I decided to stick around and explore Calgary rather than drive the three hours home.


Staying in town meant I needed to find a laundromat. Luckily there was one pretty near my hotel.


They had the news going the whole time I was at the laundromat. I was more interested in taking foot selfies than I was in the Alabama senate race.


The hotel had an awesome buffet every morning and I’m pretty sure the amount of bacon I inhaled was a contributing factor in the weight gain.


Towards the end of the sales training, the material got really tough and I could feel myself cracking. I needed to find a way to unwind.


Karaoke was obviously the answer.


On the last day of sales training, one of the other students brought pansit to share with the whole class. So yummy! Just looking at this picture makes me hungry. Good thing I get more pansit at my in-laws’ New Years party in a few days!

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