Mommy, can I have a kinder egg?

Happy Awkward Moment Monday! Monkey LOVES kinder eggs. (For my American audience, they’re hollow chocolate eggs with a toy inside, not the weird version y’all have there.) Last week I bought 5 boxes of them ┬ábecause they were on sale and I use them to bribe my child. I put them on top of my dresser and figured they were safe because Monkey can’t reach up there.


Well obviously my kid is more resourceful than I gave him credit for. While I was sleeping, he snuck in my room and made a mountain of blankets and pillows to climb so he could reach the kinder eggs.


He got into ALL OF THEM.


He didn’t even eat the chocolate, though.


He wanted the toys inside. He made an army of Ninja Turtles and woke me up by having them dive bomb me.


I got creative with the punishment. I got to have pancakes with chokecherry syrup and cream for breakfast and Monkey had to eat the kinder egg chocolate. He wasn’t impressed and refused to eat them all, so I sent a few in his lunchbox for his school snack. Moral of the story, never understand the determination of a 4 year old.


Now for some good news. We have snow! It’s super windy, almost ice storm like conditions, so I won’t be out much today, but I do have to run a few errands so you might get more snow pictures soon.

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  1. Bemused
    October 12, 2017 at 4:33 am #

    Hi Sierra. Missing your updates and seeing how proud you are of your family and your feet. Pleaze post more if you have time

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