I’m going to miss you so much!

Ok, so it’s been a while since my last post, but before I get to the photo dump of an update, it’s Awkward Moment Monday!!

In my last post, I mentioned that the character formerly known as Boyfriend had contacted me again. We sporadically chatted for three whole weeks before he disappeared again, but something he said stuck with me.

I mentioned to him that there’s a very attractive high school kid that lives near me and I feel like a creep for finding them attractive. He then reminded me of the obnoxious between class makeout sessions we used to do in high school because we were going to miss each other sooooo much during the forty five minutes we wouldn’t see each other. Boyfriend told me not to worry because kids these days are even less innocent than we were in high school, and we were gross.

That got me thinking, though. Ten years ago, I was so insecure that I couldn’t even go an hour without reassurance of Boyfriend’s affection. Now, Peter is six hours away for two weeks at a time, and while I certainly get lonely, I’m not worried about whether he’s still going to love me when we see each other again. When I was with Boyfriend, I tried to micromanage who he hung out with and where he spent his time because I was so afraid he would find someone better than me. With Peter, I have no such worries. Sure, we fight and we have our issues, but we made a commitment to each other the fix our issues rather than looking for the escape hatch when we have problems.

Moral of the story, if you’re so insecure in your relationship that you can’t go an hour without a physical reaffirmation of their affection, that relationship is doomed. And teenagers, please stop making out in the hallways at school. It’s gross and it makes everyone around you uncomfortable.

Ok, now that that’s taken care of, it’s picture time!


My mom came up for Labor Day and brought Monkey a Lightning McQueen blanket she made for him. He LOVES it.


We went to visit my grandpa on the combine harvester.


Big tractor! Monkey named it Frank after the tractor in Cars.


Yes, my four year old is actually steering that massive piece of machinery. We had the adults do the turns though.


My in laws and niece also came to visit for Labor Day. Monkey loved spending time with his pinsan (Tagalog for cousin).


Cousin snuggles!


Monkey’s obsession with Cars extended to Disney’s Planes, which had an aircraft carrier in it, so he’s now ¬†also obsessed with the Navy. We reached out to some of my contacts to find Monkey some penpals. He’s happy beyond words about sending a letter to someone on the USS Bonhomme Richard.


Peter’s best friend’s daughter turned seven last week, and we had a blast at her birthday party.


I still can’t believe the tiny baby I held the first time Peter introduced me to his friends is now a tutu wearing, school going big girl.


Speaking of school-going, Monkey started his third year of preschool. Yes, third. His autism qualified him for some early intervention therapy done in a preschool starting at age two while I took classes in another room of the same building on how to parent a special needs kid. This is his first year not in a special needs class. His enunciation and motor skills have improved so much in the last year, so I’m looking forward to what developments he’ll make this year.


Don’t worry guys, I know you’re all really here for the feet. On Thursday we ran all of our errands for the week and I ended up with some of the dirtiest feet I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why they’re so dirty. We went to Service Canada, Value Village, Bianca Amor’s Liquidation Center, Marshall’s/Homesense, and Walmart.

IMG_6091And last but not least, it’s harvest season! This was twenty minutes worth of apple picking. My neighbor has three apple trees in her backyard and she can’t use them all so I got to take a bunch home with me. My house smells so good.

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