Canning Party!

Like I said on my Facebook page this morning, I’ve been absent from the Internet lately because I’ve been crazy busy! It’s harvest season and I have so much going on between that, back to school prep, and dealing with some of Monkey’s medical challenges.


While canning, I broke a jar and got a shard of glass stuck in my callus. I didn’t notice it until I went to wipe my feet off before bed. It didn’t hurt or bleed, just left a hole in my callus.


On Friday I picked two gallons of chokecherries, juiced them, and bottled them as syrup.


Here’s my feet after picking the berries.


Monkey was thrilled with the chokecherry syrup.


On Saturday we attended the grand opening of the Hot Topic in Lethbridge’s Park Place Mall. There’s a better picture on my Facebook page.


Sunday was more canning and a bunch of cupcakes. Everyone who knew me before I was Sierra the Barefoot Girl knew me as the cupcake queen. Some things don’t change.


On Monday, Monkey had some medical appointments and we missed the best part of the eclipse, but we were able to catch some of it.


After the eclipse, we came home and, you guessed it, more canning. Crabapple jelly this time.


This is what my feet looked like after a day filled with pediatricians, hospitals, ice cream parlours, and home canning.

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