Don’t marry him, his last name sounds bad with your name!

Oh, Facebook memories, how you love to remind me of how idiotic my friends and I were when we were in college. In honor of Awkward Moment Monday, I’ll share one of those memories with you.

It was summer 2009, and my best female friend from college and I were sitting on campus during a break between classes, eating fudge and discussing boys we had crushes on. She had a really cute guy in one of her classes that she was into and I had been on a few dates with a guy we both knew from the year before. The conversation turned to marriage, because this was Brigham Young University, where most girls go to get their MRS degree (aka they go to college just to find a husband).

For clarity and privacy’s sake, all names have been changed. We’ll call the friend I was talking to Lisa, the boy I had been on a few dates with Sean, and the guy in Lisa’s class Timothy.

Between bites of fudge, Lisa said, “You can’t marry Sean, his last name sounds weird with your name.”

I rolled my eyes and took a bite of fudge. I can’t remember if Sean and I had discussed marriage at this point in time or not, but the idea of marrying him was never one that I ever seriously considered.

Lisa took another bite of fudge, then asked, “What about Lisa Jordan?”

I looked at her weirdly. Jordan was the last name of another guy we both knew and that I had crushed on hard earlier in the year. “Don’t marry Kevin!” I blurted out.

“I’m not talking about Kevin, I’m talking about Timothy!” Lisa replied.

I laughed and told her she probably shouldn’t marry him either, since she barely knew him and just thought she was cute. She never ended up dating Timothy, but Lisa, Kevin, and I are all married now and Sean is getting married in October. Peter and I just celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary.


And for the record, and I think everybody’s last names worked out quite well. (Or will work out well, assuming Sean’s fiance is taking his last name.)

Moral of the story, girls at BYU are obsessed with marriage. If you don’t believe me, watch “Provo, Utah Girls” by Divine Comedy. They’re only like 5% joking.

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