What even happened in here?

My barefoot roadtrip is now done, and I’ve been home for a week. There were some nasty gas station bathrooms we stopped at one our trip, and in some of them, I found myself wondering “What even happened in here?” There were puddles of liquid all over the floor in some of them. It was like a zoo animal got loose in there or something.


But it honor of Awkward Moment Monday, I have a really great bathroom mess story to tell you about. And this time, I knew exactly what happened in there.
On the last day of our roadtrip, Monkey peed right before we got in the car. Less than 90 minutes later, he informed me that he needed to pee. I wasn’t planning on stopping anytime soon because we were in an area with a lot of construction and getting on and off the highway was a major pain. I asked him if he could hold it and he said he could.
About 30 minutes later, he started yelling that heĀ really needed to pee. So at the next exit with services, we stopped. He had taken off his shoes and it was quite hot, so I shoved his sandals on his feet and dragged him into the A&W in Innisfail, Alberta. We marched into the bathroom, I closed the door behind us, and I told Monkey, “Ok, go pee.”
He looked me in the eye, stood right next to the toilet, and peed.
“No!” I screamed. “What are you doing?!?” I yanked his pants down and plopped him on the toilet. In the few seconds that it took for me to accomplish this, pee sprayed EVERYWHERE – the floor was soaked, the toilet was covered, and the walls of the stall were spattered with my child’s urine. His shirt, pants, and sandals all needed to be removed and shoved into a plastic bag to be dealt with when we got home. Monkey was really mad that I made him wear a Pull Up for the rest of the trip, but hey, that’s what you get for intentionally peeing your pants, kid.
Moral of the story, next time you see a sketchy puddle in a public bathroom, say a silent prayer for the mother of whoever made that mess because she probably feels like she’s going to lose her mind.
All of my roadtrip photos are available on my Instagram @sierrathebarefootgirl
For those who are interested, here’s the route I traveled:
SIERRA-PC - WIN_20150301_142640

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