Help, we can’t get the window back on!


I made it to Florida! My best friend’s dad is loaning us his Jeep for this leg of my trip. Funny story about that at the end of the post, because it’s awkward moment Monday!


Publix was the first place I went upon arriving in Florida. I love that store so much!


My best friend has a lake right behind her condo and we took a walk around the lake this morning. I noticed this sign and couldn’t help laughing. Y’all, it’s Florida. I’d be surprised if there weren’t reptiles.


On our way to Orlando today, we stopped at a rest stop to pee and put the top up on the Jeep because it was starting to rain. Well, we got the top back up just fine, but we couldn’t get the back window to go back in place. BFFL called her dad for help while I took this selfie with a palm tree. Turned out all we needed to do was open the back door. Derp.


We finally managed to get everything back in place and we’re checked in at our hotel in Orlando now. Tomorrow is our Universal day! Make sure you’re following @sierrathebarefootgirl on Instagram so you can get all my updates on my barefoot road trip!

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