Foot updates

Just a quickie post today, since I’m crazy busy running errands and getting ready for my trip. Monkey figured out that he can pick things up with his feet. This will come in hand on our 12 hour...
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Oh, the owner just came in and paid that,

Happy Awkward Moment Monday! I have a real doozy of a story for you today. So, we’re moving at the end of August because Peter got a new job and the commute is too far. I knew we were a little behind...
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Pride 2017

Happy Pride!   These crosswalks were vandalized a few days after they were painted, but the city fixed them in time for the parade. Monkey was really excited to get to the parade but less impressed...
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Upping my selfie game

I’m constantly relying on my kid to take my pictures, but he slept in this morning and I realized that I’m going to be without him for 8 days next month while Grandma takes him to Disneyland....
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Rawr is dinosaur for I love you.

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This week’s craft was a cheer up card. Our neighbor’s puppy died, so I made them a care package. I’m a gifter, so I always have care package items ready...
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Fathers Day

Peter loved his Father’s Day gift! Monkey loved spending the day with Lolo. (That’s the Filipino word for grandfather.) After church we got to meet the stars of the short film Happy Birthday...
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Building coordinator fail

  Happy awkward moment Monday! I’m at a place where I can blog about my aunt’s funeral now. It was beautiful, and it was a wonderful tribute to her life. However, there was something a...
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Lethbridge Library Comic Con

  Woo, taking a break from posting means lots of catching up when I come back! These photos are from last Saturday’s “Comic Con” day at the Crossings Branch of Lethbridge Public...
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A Pinterest perfect Fathers Day gift bag

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! Fathers Day is this Sunday, so I went on Pinterest to look at gift basket ideas. We had just about everything I wanted to put in, but we went to the store around the corner...
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Last day of school

Woo, catch up post time! I may have been mentally checked out after my aunt died, but life went on. The biggest thing that I was in zombie mode for was Monkey’s last day of school, but I managed...
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