Monkey’s birthday, Part 1

Monkey turned 4 yesterday! I wasn’t really planning on doing much on his actual birthday because we’re having a big party this weekend, but I let him pick where we went for lunch. Then my...
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You need to move!

One of my friends from high school came up for a visit this weekend, so of course I took her to Waterton! And because it’s Awkward Moment Monday, of course I have an awkward story to go along with...
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Pretty much the best recovery food ever

The past week has been rather eventful. I got really sick really fast, my neighbor rushed me to the emergency room, and I’m on 5 different drugs now instead of the two I was on before I got sick....
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Mothers Day Picnic

Happy Mother’s Day! To celebrate, my grandma suggested we all go up to our summer pasture and have a picnic/BBQ. She asked us to meet at the farm so we could all go together. Well, we met at the...
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When you feel like crap, go see your grandparents.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and had arguments with three different people before 8:30 this morning. I’m already under a lot of stress from normal life obligations and and I just couldn’t...
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Learning letters

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! Today’s kind of crazy for our family, so this is just a quick Pinspiration post. Monkey has been doing great with the shapes tracing sheets his fine motor skills therapist...
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My cousin’s dog had puppies! And before anyone judges me, yes, I made my kid put on sandals before crawling under a deck to retrieve puppies. My kid, my call. Anyway, back to the cuteness. They’re...
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Galt Canal

We had a very exciting/over stimulating morning at Toys R Us so this little guy could get his limited edition Pokemon and Star Wars merch. After all that excitement, we needed to have a calming break...
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Cinco de Mayo

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo this year by reading the history of Cinco de Mayo (Mexico defeated the French army on this day in 1862) and getting food truck tacos. So excited for these tacos! I went on...
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Cleaning my nasty makeup brushes

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! I have never cleaned my makeup brushes before… ever. Nasty, right? All that old makeup, dead skin cells, and oil is probably a great breeding ground for icky bacteria....
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