Don’t marry him, his last name sounds bad with your name!

Oh, Facebook memories, how you love to remind me of how idiotic my friends and I were when we were in college. In honor of Awkward Moment Monday, I’ll share one of those memories with you. It was...
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Anyone good with getting Sharpie off?

Today’s Awkward Moment Monday story is brought to you by Sharpies and a trouble making 4 year old. On Saturday, I didn’t have anything to do until noon, so I decided to sleep in. Monkey is...
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Sorry, I’ve already hit my BS quota for the day.

Man, the last few days have really been testing my patience. It seems like everyone wants to push my buttons, and everything in the universe is going wrong. And because it’s Awkward Moment Monday,...
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Our three departed apostles

This summer, our church lost three great leaders, President Boyd K Packer, Elder L Tom Perry, and Elder Richard G Scott. This past weekend at the General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter...
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The most unflattering photo ever taken of me.

Friday of the convention, we got to meet Felicia Day! We were only 5 rows back, so we were able to get some pretty great photos. She told us about how she sings to her coffee every morning. “We...
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Stay sexy

Happy awkward moment Monday! Today’s post is about an awkward yearbook signing from grade 10. In case you can’t read the handwriting in the photo, here’s what it says: “Hey Sierra!...
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