Cleaning my nasty makeup brushes

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! I have never cleaned my makeup brushes before… ever. Nasty, right? All that old makeup, dead skin cells, and oil is probably a great breeding ground for icky bacteria....
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Crabby morning

Monkey had a hard morning. We normally go to story and craft time at the library on Wednesday mornings, but it’s done for the summer. He couldn’t understand why this routine interruption was...
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Calgary Comic Expo

Calgary Comic Expo was so fun! There were so many great cosplays! These Transformers were Monkey’s favourite out of all the cosplays. I got to take a “selfie” with Ruth Connell. Technically...
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Put your shoes back on!

Happy Awkward Moment Monday! Normally I advocate for people to be barefoot, but here’s a little story about me begging a child to put his shoes back on. On Saturday, Monkey and I went to Calgary...
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Calgary Comic Expo is tomorrow!

Ok, technically speaking, the convention started already, but we’re just going for tomorrow. Monkey is so excited to meet Peter Capaldi! Gotta clean your room if you want to meet Doctor Who! I’m...
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Get those wood cutting boards clean!

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! Today’s Pinterest fail involves fresh fruit! I made butter chicken and didn’t feel very confident about how clean my cutting boards were after. One stuck like...
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Picnic at St Mary’s

Monkey wanted to have a picnic on the beach, but we live in Alberta, so I took him to the reservoir. It was actually beautiful out, which was surprising because it was disgusting and cold this morning. Peter...
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Back to school sensory activities

Monkey goes back to preschool today ¬†after ten days of spring break. I’m trying to meet his sensory needs as much as possible before sending him off to avoid a meltdown if possible. The first...
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Don’t Tread On Me

Now that it’s actually nice out more often than not, I’ve gotten back into walking the nature trail with my friend. Last night we were out for our evening walk. It was a little chilly, but...
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Weather scarf

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This is the Pinterest craft I have been working on while watching the Flames blow it in the playoffs to keep from losing my mind. And let’s not even talk about the Oilers...
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