Mama needs some zen.

I had a pretty horrific nightmare last night and I’ve spent a lot of the morning chilling, colouring, and looking at nail wraps. Isn’t this one cute? You can get it here. (I’m not a...
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He’s 27 Dresses, I’m the Runaway Bride

I fell for an expertly pulled off proposal prank on Saturday. A good friend of mine and his girlfriend have been talking about getting married for a while and he told me that he was planning on proposing,...
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Help me pick my summer nails!

Monkey has a pool day coming up next week, which makes me feel like summer is right around the corner. We’ve all witnessed my lovely nail art, which is why I usually go with nail wraps. This one...

Sorry, can’t play

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! We went into Lethbridge to run errands and had lunch at McDonalds. The floor was so gross. It looked like they hadn’t swept it for several days. Monkey loved the play...
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Bad days call for mani pedis

I dislike March. I dislike the 24th. Combine the two and I end up with a bad day. I always try to force myself to be cheerful though, so I did my nails today. PS, if you’re here to point out that...

First time on a subway

We’re in Edmonton for the weekend and we wanted to do something with Monkey that we hadn’t done together before. Sticking my feet on the dashboard is not the thing I’m referring to,...

Is bare really better?

At a party last night, I had a group of ladies ask me why I don’t wear shoes. After explaining my myriad health problems that going barefoot helps (at least in my experience), they discussed amongst...
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While Monkey’s at school…

It’s been a while since I posted, so I figured I should probably put up some new pictures today. The only problem is that my main photographer is currently at preschool, so I had to get creative...

Tootsie Tuesday

I’m feeling kind of down today, so I’m introducing Tootsie Tuesday! A Tuesday post featuring my toes! Today is Tuesday, right? I’m so tired that I’m only about 75% sure. Yes,...
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Just my tootsies

I tried to emulate all the cute pedicure pictures on Pinterest. You can see how well that worked out. 😂
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