Weather scarf

Happy Pinspiration Thursday! This is the Pinterest craft I have been working on while watching the Flames blow it in the playoffs to keep from losing my mind. And let’s not even talk about the Oilers...
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Come Build With Us

It’s spring break, which means Monkey doesn’t get his normal programming this week since it’s all done through the school. Luckily, The Family Centre (the organization we did preschool...
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Spring break was more fun before I had a kid

Monkey’s on spring break and I’m very quickly going down the slippery slope to insanity. Gotta get my zen back. It’s crazy how those 4 hours a week he’s at preschool do so much...
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How helping deliver a calf changed how I felt about my C-Section

On Saturday, my uncle’s cow went into labor and the calf got stuck. You could see the calf’s tongue sticking out, which is a really bad sign, so he called everybody out to help him get the...
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I wanna see my cows!

It’s so beautiful outside today! When we called my mom this morning, she was working on cattle. Monkey said he wanted to go see “his” cows. They’re technically my grandpa’s...
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How to Cure a Cold Overnight

Monkey has a bad cold, but he’s supposed to go to his cousin’s birthday party tomorrow. I’m trying a few things Pinterest recommended for treating a cold to try and cure him by tonight....
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Therapy isn’t all fun and games you know.

Monkey’s coming up on the end of his first full year of preschool. (He did preschool last year too, but only for half the year.) At school, he sees an occupational therapist who helps his learn...
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The church keeps us safe so we don’t go to jail.

Happy Awkward Moment Monday! This experience was embarrassing for me but pretty much everyone else thought it was cute, and y’all know I have no shame about sharing awkward experiences, so here goes. Our...
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Week in review

Whew, what a week! My church’s general conference was last weekend. I watched from home. I watched the final March Madness team and finished with a seriously screwed up bracket. Thanks for nothing,...
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Monkey wanted to do an egg-speriment

I got a phone call from a worried friend this morning. I just wanted to assure y’all that I’m okay. I’m stressed and we’re broke, but who isn’t? I have been doing lots of...
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