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Happy Awkward Moment Monday! You probably noticed that I haven’t been online at all for most of the last week. I don’t want to go into exact details, but something happened and the social media reaction was unbearable. People I know and love were getting death threats. It was too painful to watch the hate pour in and I had to step back for a while to preserve my mental health. I’m back in a limited sense now. I will be mostly on Instagram, and occasionally on Twitter. I will check Facebook a few times a week. Instagram or email will be the best ways to interact with me for the next while. I won’t have the Facebook app on my phone, so posts there won’t be seen immediately. I will respond when I do see them though.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s a recap of the last week’s activities.


Peter and I took Monkey and his cousin (we’ll refer to her as Pinsan from now on – that’s the Filipino word for cousin) to West Edmonton Mall for a North Pole pancake breakfast.


Monkey was super excited, but the crowds and noise were a bit much for him. Thank goodness for noise cancelling headphones. We ended up plugging him in to Peter’s phone and letting him watch Paw Patrol after a while. Pinsan was prettt overwhelmed by the entire experience as well, but not in a sensory overload way.


Pinsan was absolutely wonderstruck by the magic of it all.


Monkey loved touching the fake snow. Apparently it was soft and fluffy.


We got Monkey’s school pictures back. I can’t get over how adorable he is.


Monkey has fixated on Christmas, and I have been going along with his obsession with tempered enthusiasm. I love Christmas, but I tend to get exhausted with it if I throw myself into it head first this early. I have been doing crafts with him. We did Borax snowflakes.


And paper plate snowmen, reindeer, and Santas.


On Wednesday, my cousin had her bridal shower. Monkey brought his stuffed dragon Safire to keep him company. We got there early and left when there got to be too many people for Monkey to handle. I forgot to bring his headphones and he exhausted his coping skills after about an hour. He has been learning lots of good coping skills at school, but autism is still a challenge.


People keep asking me for snow pictures, but we’re having a chinook and all the snow blew away. This is the best I could get this week.


Monkey wanted to put up the ┬áChristmas tree, but I’m not ready to put up our big one, so we compromised with the tiny Christmas tree I gave to Peter for Christmas when we were dating. We put a star on top, lit it up, and had a picnic by the tree.


Crackers, juice boxes, and Rice Krispies treats, yum!


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