So, I dropped a pumpkin on my foot…


I haven’t posted in a while, so I’ll give a brief update before what would probably make a great awkward moment Monday story. Halloween has come and gone, but we still have plenty of pumpkins around because Monkey is somewhat obsessed.


He painted Captain America on his teensiest pumpkin, which is now buried in snow.


Monkey was a sailor for Halloween. One of his Navy penpals sent it to him. If you’re active Navy and you’re reading this, especially if you’re currently deployed on an aircraft carrier, let me know and Monkey will send you a card for Christmas!


I got a request for more snow pictures, and this isn’t much, but it’s what I had on my phone when I read that request. Hold tight, there will be more soon!


Last picture of my feet before they were attacked by a pumpkin.


And here I am at the ER. An X-ray confirmed that there are no breaks, thank goodness. The middle toe suffered the worst of it because after dropping the pumpkin, I then proceeded to ram that toe into the pumpkin, snagging the nail in the process.


I got a copy of my X-ray, though, and made a side by side comparison of an X-ray sample I found on a podiatry website.

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