Pediatrician, puppy, and getting poked – week in review


Hey y’all! I’m back from my trip now and back to the daily grind. I’m planning on doing weekly reviews for a while now unless I’m doing something exciting, since most days we just do the same things. On Monday, Monkey saw a new pediatrician. I was pleasantly surprised to see this sign in her door.


On Tuesday, Monkey got to visit Nori, his favourite puppy in the whole world.


Monkey really wants a dog, but until we own our own house, that’s not going to happen.


Being home means being back at work. Lucky for me, I work from home, so I don’t have to wear shoes.


However, not wearing shoes does occasionally come with a price. On Thursday, we were out for a walk when a two inch long thorn lodged itself in my toe. It’s mostly healed now, don’t worry!

How was your week? Go anywhere new or go there barefoot for the first time?

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