Best free activities in Salt Lake


Happy Pinspiration Thursday! Today I searched Pinterest for the best free activities in Salt Lake. Sweet’s Candy Factory tour was the first thing that came up, and that factory has a soft spot in my heart because my grandpa used to work there, so away we went.


I didn’t take any photos during the tour because I was having too much fun eating samples. Monkey had a sugar high and then crashed epically on the way to Zupas for lunch.


Zupas gave me no issues about being barefoot and the food was delicious!


After lunch we went to Fort Douglas War Museum, which was also free but accepts donations.


This statue of Christ was in the Fort chapel for many years.


Monkey really enjoyed the various badges on display.


He told the badges to say cheese while I took their pictures.



I was under the impression that Switzerland had no military because they’re a neutral country, but apparently I was wrong about that.


Monkey kept wanting to come back to look at this display and he was very disappointed that he couldn’t take a toy helicopter home with him. All in all, a very exhausting but super fun day.

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