Foot updates


Just a quickie post today, since I’m crazy busy running errands and getting ready for my trip. Monkey figured out that he can pick things up with his feet. This will come in hand on our 12 hour drive. I’m just going to stuff the pockets on the back of the passenger seat with snacks and drinks so he bugs me less. The last time we did this drive, he whined for an hour and a half about wanting a snack, but there’s basically nowhere to pull over in southern Montana. Now he can help himself! And I’m probably going to put him in a Pull Up for the trip because I don’t trust his bladder when he’s asleep, which he will be for a lot of the drive.


I stepped on a tiny twig last night and it was at just the right angle to puncture the thin skin under my toe. It’s about 1/8 inch deep and it hurt for a bit, but it’s basically fine now. I have a doctor’s appointment later this morning and I’m getting an oil change right after, so this is all I have time to post today. I’ll post more about my trip prep tomorrow!

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