Oh, the owner just came in and paid that,

Happy Awkward Moment Monday! I have a real doozy of a story for you today.

So, we’re moving at the end of August because Peter got a new job and the commute is too far. I knew we were a little behind on our water bill, so I went to the office to get a copy of our bill so we could get caught up.


When I gave the receptionist the address, she said, “Oh, the owner just came in and paid that.”

I groaned internally, because that’s an extra step, but I wasn’t too worried until the receptionist said, “Yeah, there hasn’t been a payment on the account at least since January.”

“I have definitely paid since then,” I replied. “Maybe it’s been going to the wrong account number. Can you double check that for me?”

Turned out I had the account wrong in my online banking and I’ve been paying someone else’s water bill SINCE SEPTEMBER and they never bothered to tell me. They were able to credit all of the payments to the correct account, thank goodness, and I have the proper account number now. It was so frustrating though. I had to drive down to the property management office and get everything sorted out with them, too.

Moral of the story, human error is a pain in the butt and being calm while everything gets sorted helps it go more smoothly. Doesn’t make it any less annoying or stressful though. Also, double check those account numbers on your online banking before you press send!

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