Building coordinator fail


Happy awkward moment Monday! I’m at a place where I can blog about my aunt’s funeral now. It was beautiful, and it was a wonderful tribute to her life. However, there was something a little awkward going on. The night before the funeral, her children and husband held a “meet the family” event for everyone to be able to chat with them there instead of ambushing them with condolences at the burial or something. That’s all fine and good except for the other thing that was going on in the building.


Yep, you read that sign right. Not sure why you would have a birthday party at the church on a Sunday night, but it ended up awkward for pretty much everyone.

Moral of the story, as much as it sucks to think about, life goes on when you die. All around you, people are having the best day of their lives. This juxtaposition may seem cruel, awkward at best, but it’s just the way things are.

But seriously, if there’s a birthday party going on in the same building as my funeral proceedings, I’ll haunt the building coordinator.

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