Lethbridge Library Comic Con


Woo, taking a break from posting means lots of catching up when I come back! These photos are from last Saturday’s “Comic Con” day at the Crossings Branch of Lethbridge Public Library.


The first event was superhero story time.


Monkey loved Wonder Woman and didn’t care much about Starlord.


I bought Monkey a fidget cube because he forgot his spinner and he was in sensory overload mode. He was able to calm down eventually…


…but he was exhausted and slept through the registration for the cosplay contest.


The friend I went with cosplayed as the Tardis and her three kids were 10, 11, and 12.


Some of them were happier about this than others.


10 won first place and 12 won third. 11 felt bad that her brothers got prizes and she didn’t, which made the library staff feel bad, so they showered her with candy, which made her even more upset because then she was embarrassed. Poor kid.


Monkey was super bummed that he couldn’t do the cosplay contest, so when the event was over, they let him walk the runway and they took his picture. That cheered him right up.


These were my favourite cosplayers in the 13 and up cosplay contest. They didn’t place, which I thought was a gross injustice, especially given the audience response to their costumes.


I was barefoot for the entire event. No one said anything about it. They may have assumed it was part of a costume.  I have been to this library branch barefoot before though and I didn’t have issues then either. As far as I know, I was the only one there that was barefoot. Where are my Lethbridge barefooter at?

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