Last day of school


Woo, catch up post time! I may have been mentally checked out after my aunt died, but life went on. The biggest thing that I was in zombie mode for was Monkey’s last day of school, but I managed to get a few pictures at least.


He wanted to be a T. rex and who am I to deny that request? And because I know somebody is going to ask, the school has a shoes required rule and I feel no need to fight them on it. Monkey has definitely been enjoying his foot freedom since school has been out though. He said, “Mommy, you’re the barefoot girl. Can I be the barefoot boy?”


For comparison, here’s a picture from his first day of school last fall.


On the last day of school, his class had a pirate party.


Monkey was grumpy because he had to wait his turn to go hug his teachers.


School’s out for the summer!

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