Wacky nails cheer me up


I needed a post-funeral pick me up, so I let Monkey pick a wacky nail design for me. Wacky nails cheer me up. I ordered the children’s size nail wraps this time because I find that the regular ones are too large for my nails. I have small nail beds. I never use the largest size and the smallest size is still too big and I have to trim it down. The kid’s size is a lot better, but the biggest size is slightly too small for my big toe. Oh well, there are rarely “one size fits all” things that actually work for anyone. I’ll probably order regular size half sheets for the big toe and the kid designs for the rest of my toes.

This nail sheet is called Dinomite. Monkey said the t rexes were angry when they were on the nail sheet, but now they’re happy because they’re on my tippy toes.

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