Anyone good with getting Sharpie off?

Today’s Awkward Moment Monday story is brought to you by Sharpies and a trouble making 4 year old.

On Saturday, I didn’t have anything to do until noon, so I decided to sleep in. Monkey is pretty well able to take care of himself in the morning until I get up. He’ll pour himself a bowl of cereal, put it in the sink when he’s done, then read his books or play with his toys until I get up. Apparently I pressed my luck by sleeping in.

When I went to feed the bunny, I found his cage out of place, all the cupboards open, and an empty pack of Sharpies on the floor. I looked around in horror and saw black scribbles all over my cupboards, walls, and doors. I sat Monkey down with a magic eraser, told him not to move until the marker was off, and FaceTimed my best friend.


An hour later, Monkey had made very little progress, and my efforts at scrubbing yielded more of the same. All the rest of the Sharpie on the other door, the cupboards, and the wall came off relatively easy, but this door is unsealed paint.


Through a lot of elbow grease and a little bit of chemistry, I was able to get most of it off, but we’re still probably going to have to repaint the door. Moral of the story: no matter how well you think your permanent markers are hidden, your curious child will find them.

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