You need to move!


One of my friends from high school came up for a visit this weekend, so of course I took her to Waterton!


And because it’s Awkward Moment Monday, of course I have an awkward story to go along with it! On our way in to the park, we saw a bear about 200 meters from the road and we pulled over to watch it. We weren’t the only ones who did this, and eventually so many people were pulled over that we were blocking the road. A park ranger come and told us we had to move because we were blocking traffic. He looked pretty mad and I didn’t want to test my luck, so I did what he said. We had another close encounter later that day when we saw bear prints on the trail we were hiking. We promptly turned around and went back to the town.


The rest of the weekend was equally awesome. I took Monkey to a local anime festival called Nishikaze and he bought himself an Ash hat, a Mystic pin, and a Pikachu wearing a Magikarp hoodie. Can you tell my kid likes Pokemon?


He also really wanted to take a picture with this cat but it took him 2 hours to build up the courage to go within 5 feet of it.


After Nishikaze, we met up with my high school friend and went to dinner. After dinner, Monkey begged to go back to their hotel room and hold their cockatiels. He’s completely obsessed with them now and he’s been pretending to be one ever since.


I don’t blame him for being obsessed. They’re pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.


Here’s what my feet looked like after all that excitement.

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