Sorry, I’ve already hit my BS quota for the day.


Man, the last few days have really been testing my patience. It seems like everyone wants to push my buttons, and everything in the universe is going wrong. And because it’s Awkward Moment Monday, I’m going to tell you all about my troubles!

So, Wednesday was going fine, Monkey was mostly cooperating, he hadn’t had any major meltdowns or anything, but it was HOT and I was not loving it. He was all excited because he was going to go to gross motor skills, which is one of his favorite types of therapy because it’s basically just playing on a jungle gym and with giant blocks, but when we got there we found out it had been cancelled. We rebooked, but he doesn’t understand stuff like that, so he threw a massive tantrum for half an hour.

Thursday, Monkey refused to get up, even though he had a home visit with a psychologist and we really needed to get dressed before she came. She ended up asking if we could move the appointment to 30 minutes later, which was super helpful, because I actually managed to get most of my house clean before she pulled into the drive.

Friday, though. Oh, Friday. I got into three different arguments on Facebook with people who don’t understand that predatory giving, presidential crimes, and polio’s lasting health effects are real things that actually happen. I rage quit social media for the day and went hiking in the nearest national park with my grandparents.

Saturday, my husband’s pay came, and I was super confused as to why it was less than expected. I told him to talk to his finance people and see what was going on. Then, while I was on the phone with Peter, Monkey shouted, “Mommy, clean the toilet!” from the bathroom. I rush in and see that he has smeared poop EVERYWHERE. Joys of motherhood, y’all.

Sunday, which was Mothers Day, which is a day that’s supposed to be all about me, mostly involved my kid screaming and thrashing on the floor of the church foyer because I wouldn’t let him lick me or kick the people sitting next to us. I was so done with him when it came time to drop him off at Primary (the kids Sunday School). And then my period started in the middle of Sunday School. I always have stuff with me because my cycle is somewhat irregular, but I have intensely horrible periods and the pain was SO BAD that I just could not sit still.

And then there was today. Monkey had an appointment with a psychiatrist who is trying to help us work out a way to get him to sleep more, something he has always struggled with because of his sensory processing disorder. That was at 9:30 this morning in a nearby city. I was sitting there, dying from cramps, trying to make a plan for a better routine for my kid, while he spun around in a swivel chair like a maniac. When it came time to go, he didn’t want to leave, because he thought he was going to gross motor skills. he threw a fit, started jumping on the benches in the hallway, and then screamed at me the whole way home because I didn’t buy him a treat when we were finished like I do when he cooperates. On top of all that, when I went to the bathroom, I was shocked to find blood everywhere in my pants. I use menstrual cups, so leaks are something that practically never happen. I was sure I had inserted the cup correctly. I pulled it out to check, and nope, I hadn’t put it in wrong, I was just having such a period of doom that it had overflowed in less than three hours. Thanks, uterus.

So yeah, that’s been my last few days. If I seem really checked out and curt in my emails, instead of my usually cheerful. poetic self, that’s why. It’s not you. I’ve just already hit my BS quota for the day and I’m counting down the seconds until bedtime.

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