Cleaning my nasty makeup brushes


Happy Pinspiration Thursday! I have never cleaned my makeup brushes before… ever. Nasty, right? All that old makeup, dead skin cells, and oil is probably a great breeding ground for icky bacteria. So I went on Pinterest for instructions on how to get them un-nasty.


The post I came across that promised good as new brushes in 5 minutes used Thieves concentrated cleaner from Young Living. I use DoTerra products. On Guard cleaner concentrate is pretty much equivalent. You can purchase On Guard cleaner here.


Step 1: Add 2 tablespoons cleaner concentrate to 1/4 cup hot water. I eyeballed it. Stick your nasty makeup brushes in there and let soak for 5 minutes.


Step 2: Swirl each brush on the bottom of the cup for 60 seconds. This was after swirling one brush. Ick.


Step 3: Rinse and dry. I squeezed out the brush part with a towel then left them to dry on a new towel. I wouldn’t exactly say they look good as new, but they are definitely much better!

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