Crabby morning


Monkey had a hard morning. We normally go to story and craft time at the library on Wednesday mornings, but it’s done for the summer. He couldn’t understand why this routine interruption was happening and it really threw him off.


I took him swimming to try to cheer him up.


We hit up McHappy Day on the way home.


When we got home, I chilled and messed around on Pinterest while he finished eating. He really liked this pin and proclaimed it piggy back time.


Piggy back!


The he started going off about how he missed craft time and demanded to do a craft.


He still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to do a Spider-Man craft. He saw an article about some high school students who made Spider-Man tape sculptures and he wanted me to do one on him. I thought it would be best to start small and boy am I glad I only did from his wrist down. As soon as I finished taking this picture, he had a complete freak out and started screaming for me to get it off. I started to cut it off, but he was panicking and trashing around and I ended up mocking him with the scissors. Of course that made things even worse and I practically had to sit in him to get it off. So that’s how my day has gone so far. How’s yours?

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