Come Build With Us


It’s spring break, which means Monkey doesn’t get his normal programming this week since it’s all done through the school. Luckily, The Family Centre (the organization we did preschool through last year) planned for this and they’re doing special programs this week for the kids who need it.


Normally, Monkey has a child psychologist come to our home with fine motor and sensory toys and games, but I don’t think he minds having access to this giant bin of Legos instead.


He spent 20 minutes playing at the sensory sand table.


Kids and parents are encouraged to be barefoot here. At the preschool, they actually required shoes off. The preschool he’s at now requires shoes (😮) but they offer better programming, so there’s always a compromise.


These giant foam blocks are part of the gross motor skills programming. Monkey made himself a dog house and he’s currently pretending to be a puppy.

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