Spring break was more fun before I had a kid


Monkey’s on spring break and I’m very quickly going down the slippery slope to insanity. Gotta get my zen back. It’s crazy how those 4 hours a week he’s at preschool do so much for my mental health.


Luckily, Monkey is good at entertaining himself. Not so luckily, everything he entertains himself with is noisy, messy, or both.


At least Play Doh is quiet. He’s even willing to take breaks to do selfies with me.


One year, my cousin came back from spring break in Vegas with a tattoo on her foot. I obviously am not spring breaking in Vegas (or anywhere near a tattoo shop) so that’s not something I’ll be doing, but what about henna? Or would that be too culturally appropriative?


I’m way too nervous about cultural appropriation to even get henna, so if you need me, I’ll be at home squishing Play Doh with my toes.

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