Therapy isn’t all fun and games you know.


Monkey’s coming up on the end of his first full year of preschool. (He did preschool last year too, but only for half the year.) At school, he sees an occupational therapist who helps his learn self regulating behaviour. Monkey has proprioceptive seeking sensory processing disorder, which means he perceives sensory input (taste, touch, smell, sound, light, etc) in a different and often overwhelming way and he finds comfort in his body moving through space.


He has been working on body awareness with his occupational therapist. Monkey’s stimming (actions meant to stimulate his brain back to his normal, basically a self regulatory behaviour) can be very disruptive (his usual go to is running in a circle) and the OT wants to help him learn ways to calm himself that are less disruptive.


His child psychologist recommended open ended art activities and parent led games at her two last visits. I made Monkey a “This Little Piggy” game while he coloured.


He really likes the game!


And yes, I did those pigs free hand.

IMG_4351After a mentally exhausting hour for Monkey, we relaxed on the patio with some hot chocolate. Monkey always gives me a Christmas mug for Christmas, so I have a nice collection for hot chocolate parties like this.

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