Week in review


Whew, what a week! My church’s general conference was last weekend. I watched from home.


I watched the final March Madness team and finished with a seriously screwed up bracket. Thanks for nothing, Gonzaga.


On Tuesday, we went to the pool with Monkey’s preschool class. He went down the big slide all by himself!


Wednesday was recycling day. The bottle depot people don’t like me going in there barefoot because there’s a high likelihood of glass being on the floor, but I told them I’ll accept all consequence of my choice to be barefoot.


On Thursday night, I walked the nature trail with one of my friends and got sticky bud sap all over my feet. This is just a stain from the sap, and the white splotches are pancake batter because I’m incapable of cooking anything without making a huge mess. The sap stains don’t wash off, so I have to wait for the skin to slough off to get rid of the stain.

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