Monkey wanted to do an egg-speriment


I got a phone call from a worried friend this morning. I just wanted to assure y’all that I’m okay. I’m stressed and we’re broke, but who isn’t?


I have been doing lots of yoga lately. Monkey’s therapists think it’s great that we do yoga together. One of these days I’ll get him to hold still long enough to get a picture of him doing yoga.


I came across a quote from Audre Londe that I feel like really applies to me. “I have come to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.”


I had a social worker tell me essentially that same sentiment just before Monkey’s first birthday and I didn’t quote believe it then, but I’m starting to realize that my son needs his mom to be at peak level of functioning. There are days when it feels like all I’m doing is surviving, and some days that’s enough.


Ok, enough of that emo crap. I promised you an egg-speriment after all.


I saw this on Pinterest and didn’t quite believe it, so we did it outside where broken eggs would be less of a hassle. Monkey was pretty disappointed that they held up! He really wanted them to crack open and have baby chicks inside.

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