Sorry, can’t play


Happy Pinspiration Thursday! We went into Lethbridge to run errands and had lunch at McDonalds. The floor was so gross. It looked like they hadn’t swept it for several days.


Monkey loved the play place!


He got a puzzle with his meal instead of a toy. After we did it together once, he was able to put it together by himself. His therapists will be so proud!


After lunch, I had to get a new starter motor for one of our vehicles. The automotive section at Canadian Tire had a super icky floor.


And for Pinspiration Thursday, here’s my Pinterest craft! We printed and laminated it at Staples. Monkey gets lots of play requests while he’s doing therapy, chores, or other things that would keep him from being able to play. This will hopefully help with that.


And here’s what the sign for when he can play looks like.

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  1. ULUL223
    April 4, 2017 at 7:46 pm #

    I’ve been barefoot in McDonalds barefoot before and my feet got quite dirty. It’s so icky and I don’t think they clean the floors properly.

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